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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Countryside Ways in Wales and Foxhunting

Wales is a place in my heart. It's the place I always fantasized about...kind of like time traveling back far enough that I can still relate to what's going on, but also far enough that people still do business by their word and you don't really have to worry about getting hit over the head by some thug. Like everywhere, Wales is changing - the outside world is drifting in, but there are still very refreshing provincial pockets in Radnorshire. Here's the Welsh countryside where you're apt to find me walking - or riding - on the worst of days.

One of the things I most enjoy besides the lush countryside and colorful country characters is following the local foxhunts. I know, I know, but until you try it don't rule it out. I never was into hunting myself and I must confess I still don't give a hoot personally whether or not they actually ever catch a fox. But now I've raised two pairs of foxhounds (Gideon and Gizmo for the Radnors and Hobbit and Helix for the Brecon) I am addicted to following the hunt.

You're going to hear more about this in the coming months, so I'll go easy on you today, but stay tuned for tales and photos. Mind, I've always been a city girl so I've had everything to learn on a Welsh farm, but I'm getting pretty clever with a quad bike and a tractor and I even helped with wrapping fleeces a couple years back when I was on the farm during shearing time. For now, perhaps another photo of one of my favorite things: HOUNDS! I love 'em. True love = a hound and his mistress. Here's to you, Gideon, Gizmo, Hobbit and Helix.

Hey, I loved following the hunt so much that I actually learned to ride and actually spent a day as part of the mounted field with the Radnors last year. But that's another story...


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