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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An IBMA Moment - October 2007

So don't give up hope, folks, I've heard a bunch of the True Bluegrass and a good bit of good old time music here at IBMA this year. I reckon folks are still seeking to hear something "real" with some melody to it.

Last night around 3 am I saw a bit of a crowd gathering outside the main door to the Renaissance and stepped out there to find Dave Evans holding court there on a park bench seated next to Booey Beach (now just a shadow of his former self) and singing some of his fans' favorite songs. This was after walking down on 5th Avenue to say goodbye to my Paisley-Lundy-Eldreth buddies. Adam Poindexter plunked himself right down there, too, and we all enjoyed a bunch of songs from the powerful Evans.

It was a beautiful early fall evening in Nashville and a crowd soon gathered to drink in the beautiful soulful songs of Evans. Around about 4 am he decided it was time to go home so I slid off to catch a few hours' sleep.

Now my pals up in the California Bluegrass Association's suite are gearing up for a big post-awards show crowd somewhere around about 1 am, and I think I'll go up there and see if we can pick a few while it's still quiet. I'll try to keep you posted if I can, but a few folks have already come along to this free computer in the 3rd floor lounge sort of getting a little testy because i'm standing here writing so much, so I may have to let them have a go.

Really, though, don't knock IBMA in Nashville...I think this is the best place for it to be.

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