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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Through the Lens (a view of hunting)

Now here's the thing: a very perceptive person recently made me aware that I rarely see anything directly. I look at most people and events through the lens. Good thing or bad thing? I dunno. But there usually are those layers of glass between me and stark reality. Hmmm..the good thing might be that y'all don't have to fly all the way to Wales to see how beautiful it looks when you're up on the common ground (or "common") above, for instance, Glascwm (above). Most of the churches in Wales are several hundred years old. In April the graveyards are bursting with millions of daffodils. The ancient yew trees stand vigil over the dead. The tombstones are often vibrant palettes of lichen. Visit Wales!

Here's another view (just another day enjoying the Welsh countryside) up above Glascwm. Sometimes I really do pinch myself to be sure that this is all real and not just some incredible dream. I'm so grateful that the people of Wales have opened their world and countryside pursuits to a stranger like me. I hope I can give back a little of what they've so freely shared.

Some days on the hills start off drizzly, rainy, snowy, brutally windy - or occasionally, sunny. In five seasons, I've enjoyed all kinds of weather while out following the horses and hounds. A cool thing about the UK is that the weather can be so variable and one average six hour hunting day may take you through a whole lot of changes. This day started off so foggy that we weren't sure we'd go at all. The middle of the day turned brilliantly sunny, and we had a nice, thick, sunny fog to close out the day. Photography is all about light - and some of my favorite photographic moments have happened in beautiful Wales.


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