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Friday, August 11, 2006

Goodbye to the Pines

Today's the day they cut down nine towering pines out behind sister's house. I'm project manager, I guess, since sis ain't here. Luckily that doesn't involve either wielding a chainsaw or operating the chipper and not even manning the controls of that big Cat just out behind the house. For me it's kind of sad to watch these big trees tumble down and get chewed up and spit out (well, the limbs, anyway). But it's a necessary evil. Lesson: don't plant trees that are going to grow to be 80 or 90 feet tall immediately behind your house. 'Course my sis didn't plant them, but someone did! Lovely trees...just inappropriately placed. I'm pulling for some nice maples set a good deal further back. Somebody some day will enjoy them...

Things are moving along with the demolition cleanup. By tonight those pines will be history. Next week excavation for the footings, then concrete, then framing. It's all a process and it's a lot of fun to watch (especially 'cuz I'm not paying the bill). The weather here on the mountain has been picture-perfect all week and while the guys messing with the trees are probably plenty hot by now, I'm thinking about putting on a long-sleeve shirt. They're calling for frost up in the Adirondacks this weekend. While winter seems so distant it's just around the bend - at least here in the mountains.

But first there are 3 or 4 bluegrass festivals to go to, the big IBMA family reunion, and a whole lot of work! Speaking of work, I'm documenting this demolition, tree-felling, construction process so I'd better get out there and do my thing. Pictures later.


At 6:18 am, Anonymous -R said...

So the house was there before the trees?


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