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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Surprises...A Demo Story

Don't you love surprises? I had one yesterday. A work crew of 5 guys showed up to knock the entire back off my sister's house. I knew the foreman was coming to look at the job, but things got serious when the backhoe roared up the narrow drive taking about half the overgrown pines in its wake. Had to shift the old proverbial gears and haul stuff out to the barn right sharpish. The demo involved an 8x10 foot stone porch PLUS a 25x30 foot addition. That is a LOT of rubble I learned today when the boys returned for round 2 - actual demolition of a major part of the house - along with a 30-yard dump truck. Yikes. One dump truck load full...2 or 3 to go!

It was sort of like watching some slow dance but without the twinkling disco ball above (unless you want to liken the blazing sun to a disco ball) . Anyway this monster Cat crawler with gigantic iron jaws looking more like T Rex than a giant scale version of some kid's Tonka toy advanced slowly, opened its gaping jaws and AARRRGGGHHHH, crunch, there went about half the addition like it was made of construction paper. I reckon the wrecking bit went a whole lot quicker than the cleanup bit will. But it was fascinating. And I think I got just about every possible wide angle camera shot of the process, except for the one where I'm lying the the path of this hungry monster who is quickly closing the gap between us. Just time enough for one last photo before I draw my last breath in a sharp intake....Even I stop short of getting some shots. I was impressed with Tommy, John and the boys. Good work! (and good riddance of that ugly back part of the house.)


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