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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Travel: An Explanation of Sorts

Maybe I misnamed this blog; I haven't been traveling much lately unless you count my trip to the dump. But you have to understand that my mind is in a perpetual state of travel regardless of what my body is doing. Some people think I'm spacey, and I reckon they're just about right.

I saw some noteworthy things yesterday besides Bert and Kelly at the dump (always try to remember peoples' names, especially when they work somewhere like the dump). There were five or six road crews along my 100-mile trip through the mountains. They were all _working_. Put THAT in your notes. I know, I know, it's hot out there and folks have to take a break now and then. But how often do YOU pass a road crew where more than one person is working? No wonder things take so long. 'Course I've never worked on a road crew so I may have missed something obvious about all the coffee breaks and butt-scratchings and oglings. I guess to be fair I should spend a week on a road crew. Perhaps I'd earn a new perspective on the situation.

Over in the UK they seem to have small job sites and if the road is blocked at all there's usually someone actually working there. Mind, they whinge about road crews as well. Do people gripe about roadworks in China? Help me, someone.

The reason for all these "men at work" kinds of signs in the Catskills, of course, is because of the recent flooding in this area. But back to my subject line. As much as I'd like to walk in Charles Kuralt's (sp?) big footprints, I don't have a major network funding these travels, so I'm grounded for a little while. Thus my "travels" may amount to walking down the hard-packed dirt road, leaning over the bridge and watching the stream foam its way over the smooth rocks. Okay?


At 3:12 pm, Blogger jk said...

hi mary,

After re-meeting you in Mary's rv Grey Fox thursday, and watching you shoot throughout the festival, I knew I had to find your blog! A kind soul directed me here, and I've enjoyed reading your recaps...and everything else. And the photos? fantastic.

Thanks for taking the time to do it! My quite egocentric blog pales in comparison!

see you at IBMA, I hope!


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