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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tally Ho!

Tally Ho!>>

I wish. In the heat of summer my thoughts turn back to so many unforgettable times in Wales with all my friends who ride to the hounds. Following those lovable hounds across sometimes impossible and often treacherous terrain in all kinds of weather is, well, nothing short of addictive. So are the nights after in the pub!

Even in January the colors and textures of the land leave me breathless. The horses and hounds add that special something to an already masterful canvas. I only document what lies before me.

Here's to all my friends at the Roast Ox in Painscastle! Have a pint on me.


At 3:47 pm, Blogger stansmum said...

Nice to know you're thinking of us all in the Roast Ox - it literally has been 'roasting' this last week.


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