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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Marry Me! (a Grey Fox story)

"Pauline, marry me!"
So I go backstage to take some pictures of Tim O'Brien and Cornbread Nation from the back looking out at the crowd on the hill at Grey Fox, you know, being creative. And there's this guy who comes running up the backstage steps; I don't think too much about it. Moments later I'm sitting in front of the stage and am poised to take some photos of Tim, Dennis Crouch, Casey Driessen, Danny Barnes and Doug Billot (sp?) when Tim calls this guy, Glenn, out.

So Glenn gets up there and starts talking about a woman named Pauline he's known for the last seven years and then reaches in his pocket and pulls out this box with a ring in it and starts waving it, drops down on his knees all in one swift motion and asks Pauline to marry him there onstage at Grey Fox in front of thousands. Of course he had this thunderous roar but though we strained to hear if Glenn was a lucky guy, we heard nothing from Pauline. Some time later a little cheer went up and Tim reckoned that Pauline said yes.

Well, I kept a-wonderin' about it all the next day and on into Sunday when I happened to be by the information booth and heard a woman talking about a man asking her to marry him. Incredulous I nearly shouted, "You're Pauline!" and she gave me this knowing grin. So I had to ask the obvious....would she marry him? And she said, "Yes!" She went on to explain that Glenn is usually so quiet and undemonstrative (at least publicly) and she simply couldn't believe he'd done that - or even THOUGHT of doing that. She was absolutely gobsmacked. So she had shouted Yes, yes and the crowd were trying to pass the message down from way in the back, but Tim and them had started another song (I got an email from my darling). Cool, huh?

Well, Glenn did ask Pauline if they could have a long engagement (and I'm thinking uh-oh...) when she grins and said when she asked how long he said he couldn't possibly get married before October. She was laughing thinking of how this "long" engagement was going to be a blur of arrangements for a wedding.

This is just one example of a really unique thing that happened this year up on the hill at Grey Fox. Do yourself a favor and go there sometime. It's a dandy.


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