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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Consumer-Proof Goods...Mortal Wounds

Hey, any of you out there purchase something lately that it's near-impossible to break into? I got thinking about this when I tried to cut my way into a package of 16 AA batteries I purchased the other day. Jeeeez! Scissors didn't work. I didn't even attempt it with my hands. The plastic seemed to be made of metal. I mean if someone was that desperate to steal the stuff they would just take the entire package, right?

I finally broke in after SEVERAL strokes of one of those lethal box-cutting knives - you know, a Stanley knife with a big fat razor blade jutting out the front end? It's hard to use them (at least for me) unless I cut TOWARD myself and that's where the "lethal" comes into the equation. Thankfully this time I managed to miss all my digits and vital organs, but who knows about next time?

Some lady sued McDonald's because the hot coffee she ordered was hot; seems an even better case to sue WalMart, KMart or wherever because the item you bought fair and square is inpenetrable and in your numerous attempts to remove over-the-top packaging you are fatally wounded. Whatcha think?

I had another recent bout with adult-proof packaging when my sister purchased a cordless mouse. Yikes! What was Microsoft thinking? I'm fairly strong...I wonder what someone who's 80 years old does to break into the stuff they purchase? Can't see them wielding a packing knife with a malicious gleam in their eyes.

You gotta get ANGRY at this stuff to get in.

Geez, I'm starting to sound like Andy Rooney!


At 8:02 pm, Anonymous #1Wildfire Fan said...


The best comment about this packagaing came from Ellen DeGeneres who talked about the batterys packaging and contrasted it with light bulbs and the flimsy packaging. You gotta wonder--what are they thinking???


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