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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Photographic Memory?

So I'm up in the Catskills sorting through stacks of photos (and wondering about all those stacks of negatives that have never been printed) trying to come up with "only" 200 or so to put in a book for publication. How do I choose? Any ideas out there?

See, I was born without a memory and photos (as well as writing) have become my memory. I seriously don't remember diddly-squat so I lay it all down in pictures. Pick up a photo and a story streams out at me. I sometimes wonder where all that stuff is locked up inside me. I'll probably never know, but at least a photograph is a key. Turn the key and the door flies open. Pretty cool.

Take a photo I made nearly 25 years ago. You can see maybe 4 guys in a band with a birds egg blue background on the stage. Two have their mouths open, presumably singing...suddly I remember the name of the festival, what the weather was like, maybe even what they were singing when I made the picture. How does that happen? Moments before I didn't even recall ever being to the place. Know what I mean?

Or I sit and try and try to think of someone's name. I simply can't - even when I stop trying. Then days later I come across a photo of that person and I remember the full name, occupation and several other details about said person. Magical.

So now you see why I have to be a photographer. Otherwise I'd be a complete idiot. Each day is a blank page. Today I'm gonna fill it.

So....would you say I have a photographic memory? I reckon I do. I darned sure don't have the regular kind.


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