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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Don't Get too Close to A Gorse Bush

That's right. Don't get too close to a gorse bush. You don't know what one is, you say? I remember the first time I saw one. It looks real pretty, see with its bright yellow flowers and dark green needles. But don't. Someone told me his terrier liked to go run around in a gorse patch to comb his hair. Don't believe it. One time I was out following the hunt and was desperate and got too close to a gorse bush in an effort to be discreet....ow! Well, think about getting too close to a cactus and you'll get the idea. See what I'm sayin'?

Now this website isn't all about peeing, but it seems to be on my mind today. Let's see if I can give you something pretty to look at...

There you have it...a bunch of free-range horses up near Craswall in Wales (or is it England - on the Welsh border, anyway). Hop on one of them, cowboy!


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