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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Getting Ready, Letting Go, A Fortune and My Motto

You ever notice how getting ready to do something often takes more time than actually doing it? Sometimes, especially when it comes to writing something (as in for money) I have to like get ready to get ready to write. What's that all about? The annoying thing is that it seems like I can never quite get around to finishing something I've written - unless it's something I don't "have" to write. Then I let 'er rip (witness this bog)(and that's not a typo.)

Funny thing is sometimes I write about 10 drafts of an article and by the time I finally let it go it's nearly back to my original! 'Course that's about 80 or 100 hours later. You'd think I'd learn and just write a first draft and be done with it. So yeah, I'm a fan of the bog. No worries here.

Next obstacle: there's always just one more thing I need to fix, be it something I "have" to write or my photographs I'm sending to someone. It's worse than having teeth pulled this letting go thing. What's that about? I like to share the things I've done but something holds me back...some uncertainty. I need to learn to let go. Any of you have that problem?
(This is "Mister" gazing at his cowboy hero, Gene Autry. He's addicted to old westerns).
Anyway right now I'm getting ready to head south and west for a few weeks. There isn't time enough to do all the things I think I "should" do for heading out so I'm just going to do the things that I'd "better" do - you know, change the oil in my truck and stuff. Then it's off for some lifetime adventures. Pip's gonna have to find someone else to chase him around. I've tried to train my sister, but maybe she's forgotten how to play. Still, where there's life there's hope. I'll just tell Pip to pounce on her bladder from now on.

Speaking of hope, last night when I got those Ollie's cold sesame noodles for dinner I got a fortune! I wasn't expecting that since the noodles only cost $4.28, but here goes: "You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you." Sounds too much like business-speak to me and I left that behind long ago. Say what you mean in words that an eight year old can understand. That's my motto.


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