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Monday, November 13, 2006

Hound Heaven!

You guessed it; the news is good. I will again have the privilege of "walking" two fox hounds for a local hunt. Stay tuned for photos (I haven't gotten them yet). And today my truck passed the MOT (vehicle inspection for you Americans) so I now have transport. So in the coming weeks I'll be out watching hound exercise just as much as I possibly can.

Apologies for the absence of photos in my recent ramblings; I am once again at a place where I'll soon be able to download pics to spice up my dull entries. So stay tuned for horses and hounds and places of interest.

It is just so good to be back here. I find myself grinning like an idiot as I walk down the lane or pull nettles in the dog run or clean out the woodshed. It doesn't matter. I'm just blissed out to be back once again.

Have you been to Wales? If not, you owe yourself a visit. Hey, I put it off for 45 years; it's never too late. Get yourself over here and check out Radnorshire, Pembrokeshire, Breconshire...heck, check it all out. Leave yourself plenty of time, though - even though Wales is probably smaller than some of the smallest American states (I ain't too good at statistics) and certainly has a small population, it takes you some significant time to travel these one lane roads and anyway....why be in a hurry? Don't you get enough of that in America? I sure did!

Slowly I'm falling back into a Welsh routine - buying some groceries, doing some cooking, organizing my various projects around the hound exercising activities (and soon I'll have some hound puppies of my own to exercise)'s a good, hard-working, steady kind of life here and I am loving every moment of it.

Check back soon for some photos...maybe even tomorrow.


At 6:37 am, Anonymous Jerald said...

Glad you are home, though I do wish that I had been able to holler at you at least once during your time over here.



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