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Monday, October 02, 2006

Where Does It Go?

On a borrowed computer, so there won't be photos this time but I've been busy with my camera in recent weeks. It's amazing that my last post was over a month ago (y'all still out there listening?) but it seems like no time since I last wrote. Guess it happens to most of us, but time sure runs through my fingers at an alarming rate these days.

Since I last wrote I've enjoyed some time in Illinois, then a few days at cold and wet Bean Blossom Indiana, and then on to Nashville Tennessee for the IBMA and a bunch of other associated activities. In fact, I'm still in Music City and it seems greatly changed since I moved from here only 6 years ago.

You know I just might get political here on this blog before all my IBMA thoughts pass away for another year, but we'll see. Hey, have you heard the INCREDIBLE new CD by J.D. Crowe? WOWOWOWOWOWOW and more. I can't take it out of the CD player in the truck unless it's to put in the great new CD from Marty Raybon. I ain't lookin' at the title of that right now, but it has one of the most touching songs I've heard in forever - "Who Are You?" Buy it, listen...and prepare to weep. It hit me driving down 65 South to Nashville in some very heavy traffic in Louisville...I managed to keep it between the lines, but a look in the mirror later revealed a face not unlike that of Tammy Fay Baker (remember her?) after a good sobbing session. "Who Are You?" isn't the only wonderful song on Marty's new CD (a sort of country music-flavored project) but it's one of them! My other favorite is "Till the Sand Runs Out" and the message in that song is a good'un. Buy it.

Back to Crowe...his new one is titled "Lefty's Old Guitar" and while I love most of the material on that CD it's the title cut that I kept repeating over and over and over for a period of a few days! What a great song done by some of the finest singers and pickers in the business. For my money JD's current band suits his music better than any he's had. This CD was a long time in the making; already I'm looking forward to the next one! I don't want to wait any longer to hear more great Crowe. Crowe defines "cool." I sure don't mind a bit of a country feeling in my bluegrass, and Crowe'n'em puts it in there right good.

In the coming days I'll share with you some of my adventures from Bean Blossom to Nashville and then some. But for now, I need to catch up on a little sleep.


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