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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rain...and Pickin' in the Pasture

We had a frog-drownder last night after a long, long spell without any rain here on the mountain. Sis and I had gone into town to check out appliances and we lingered a little too long, getting caught making our way back well after dark in the driving rain. All those SUVs and 4WD pickups sure do put a blindin' on you on a rainy night when you're already night blind. Between sis and I we ain't got nary a good eye. I seriously can't see past the end of my own nose without glasses or contacts. So it was 35 miles of intense concentration on back up the mountain from town. Fortunately no bear nor deer decided the rainy road would be a good place to hang out for the night; we made it safely.

But isn't rain great stuff? Nothing like going to sleep while the rain is pelleting the roof. I've been trying to talk sis into a tin roof on the new addition, but I don't think I'll get far with the idea. If I do, that's where I'll sleep on these rainy nights.

Sis and I are going to a bluegrass picking party later down toward NYC. 'Course for these big dos in the summertime you have to plan way, way ahead. Sadly they picked the only bad day of the whole summer to have it. Don't you hate when that happens? We'll have a great time despite the weather, but I feel for them! Our group of bluegrass friends are professionals and responsible adults; I'm the only shiftless, homeless one of the lot. The music is great and the conversation is even better. Since I may not make it up to Thomas Point Beach after all this will be my last chance to see them until next summer and I'm sure looking forward to what today may bring.

Later this week it's off to Lodi, NY for "Pickin' in the Pasture," a great little bluegrass festival. Hope to see some of you there. Check it out at:


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