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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bean Blossom...again!

Corrina on the Bean Blossom workshop stage with Danny Paisley.

Colonel Peva was talking on BGRASS-L about a young lady named Corrina who's getting a lot of attention for her fine fiddling. She was everywhere at Bean Blossom in June 2006. She was invited to fiddle on the main stage with the Bluegrass Strangers and also with at least one other group (maybe Karl Shiflett?) Here she appears on the workshop stage with Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass.

Late at night Corrina and her good friend roamed the jam sessions. Corrina played a few tunes here, then went to another and played a few there. She said she wanted to get around the whole campground and pick with everybody. Her zestful approach makes me believe she probably did just that. In every instance Corrina was charming, respectful of the jam she'd entered, and proceeded to play some fine, fine fiddle. Look for this young lady in the coming years!

I'm excited to hear from Colonel Peva that my friend the great photographer Nobuharu Komoriya and other Japanese bluegrass fans will be among those at the Uncle Pen Days festivities at Bean Blossom ( this September 20-23. The great J.D. Crowe will be inducted into Bean Blossom's Hall of Fame. 'Nuff said! Looking forward to seeing his mug on the wall among the likes of Monroe, Stanley, the Osborne Brothers, Jimmy Martin....right where it should be! Crowe is always a quiet, kind of smirking, pretty-haired instigator at the big Saturday night "do's" at Bean Blossom and he always adds a whole lot to the overall sound of what's happening onstage. In June J.D. got out there with the outlandish Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives in their flaming fuchsia-ish early Beatles kind of suits and did his poker-faced banjo playing thing. You had to be there. But it was cool. The crowd love Crowe! Join us in honoring J.D. at Bean Blossom this fall!

I think this September at Uncle Pen Days will be bigger than ever as folks stop off there on their way to IBMA. Brown County, Indiana is a beautiful place in the fall...the leaves will likely be turning and there'll be a snap in the air. If there's a good crowd, look for me on the roof of the stage along about Ralph Stanley time on Saturday - and be sure to smile for the camera!


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