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Monday, August 14, 2006

Cinnamon Toast, Sis, Recycling and Scooter the Blue Tick Beagle

My life is probably a lot more exciting than yours. Take this morning. Sis is on holiday and I wake to the smell of cinnamon toast. So? Sis never rises before me here on the mountain. Something's amiss and I begin the day by breaking a routine -- I don't make my bed before going downstairs. I am one of those strange people who adheres to routines such as bed-making, turning off lights and...doing dishes as I dirty them. In fact, when working in the kitchen with sis, I am often scolded for putting away things before she has the chance to use them. Things quickly go downhill . Sis vows to do the dishes, picks up the nest around her chair, and even rinses out the Diet Pepsi cans and puts them in the recycling bin on the porch. I'm thinking...what is she not telling me? This behaviour is WAAAAY out of character.

But it simply turns out that she has a conference call later on and wants to go ride her horse prior to that call. She has her life organized so that seeing her horse is merely a two hour round trip drive...not bad, eh? Add in grooming before and after riding and you might get like 30 minutes or an hour to actually ride on a day when you have anything else at all to do.

I remind sis that there are 4 cast-iron pedestal sinks out in the barn that I've vowed to carry to the town recycling this morning - but I need her help to get them in the truck. She doesn't want to do it, but fears the wrath of MaryE (it is horrible) so she pitches in and we make short work of stubbing our toes, pinching our fingers, losing our tempers and getting all that stuff into the truck. Down to see Joe at recycling; they have a metal disposal walk-in dumpster that's heaped up with cast iron sinks, lawn mowers, washing machines, andirons...and today we add rusty tractor chains, 3 cast iron sinks and a few small items to the heap.

So sis zooms off to her horse and I start to head for home when I pass by the town kennels where they have dogs up for adoption. I hear this a hound speaking and turn in shock....there stands a blue tick beagle!!! You can't imagine what passes through my mind just then but I rush over to this little hound and give it all my love (and I've got a whole lotta love for a hound). This is a sweet, sweet little guy named Scooter. Now would any of you be needing a beagle named Scooter? I hope so. Right now he's got a good temporary home here in the Catskills. They take incredibly good care of the dogs there at the town offices. They have nice kennels and a big dog run and a long list of volunteers who come every day and walk each dog at least twice. They have food, water, cover and even human attention. But I have to tell you it breaks my heart to see a blue tick beagle at the town kennels! So if any of you need a sweet little dog (NOT an indoor kind of dog) named Scooter, get in touch with me. He's not neutered, but he's sweet and might make someone a good hunting dog - and surely a loving pet. I'd have him myself but my life on the road isn't conducive to having a pet, sadly.

Let's find Scooter a home! (I'll try to post a picture later).


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