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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hectic..IBMA, Wales and stuff

Things have been so hectic in recent weeks it's hard to get two words together to write on the blog. I suppose that's a good thing. Also, my internet connection is poor at the moment so no photographs (but I'll try to add them later on when my connection is better).

Some folks over there on the bluegrass bulletin board, BGRASS-L, are saying that attendance was down this year at the International Bluegrass Music Association's annual trade show and fan fest. I dunno. All I know is it all ran smoothly, I heard a lot of great music, had a wonderful time, saw friends from several countries around the world (including Japan, Australia, Switzerland, the UK, and others) and....well, I just couldn't have enjoyed it more than I did.

Some crazy things happened and I'll try to write about them later on this week. But for now suffice it to say that if you were at IBMA and didn't hear a lot of great music or meet some good folks then it was simply your own fault.

At the moment I'm in Illinois enjoying the fine fall weather, doing some gardening, getting together ideas for my bluegrass photography book for the University of Illinois Press, and keeping my fingers crossed that I'll soon be back over in Wales among my friends there, raising fox hound pups, riding in an English saddle, having a pint at the local pub, and enjoying the nice wet weather that is always to be expected during winter in Wales.


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