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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Paxo and Pastime

These critters are wild and crazy - unruly - so I opted for keeping my camera safe and staying outside the pen for now.

I present Paxo: (left); he's the dog hound pup; he has the most adorable little brown eyebrows like little exclamation marks. They're both out of Passion and Borman - they're mottled (look like blue ticks!) and rarin' to go.

When I tried to take him for a walk in the garden this morning using a lead he fought against it as if his life were at stake. I suppose he was never put on a lead at the kennels, but that's how life has to be here on this farm. I was afraid he'd choke himself to death before 10 minutes passed, so I eventually put him back in the pen. He's a sweet little hound - as long as I don't put him on a lead!

and Pastime:
Pastime is the bitch pup and she's a bit smaller than Paxo. Because I'm on a working farm and am away from the house quite a lot I can't just let these run loose as some of the hound pups get to do. That's why they have on collars (easier to catch!) and generally when I take them walking they'll be on leads (at least until I learn to trust that they'll come to me when I call them. Obedience is a bit easier to teach to younger puppies, so these two will likely challenge me! So far Pastime is responding quite well to the lead. Any advice will be gladly accepted!

Within 30 seconds of entering their pen this morning I was absolutely covered in mud --- and worse! I think they were glad to see me. They haven't figured out that they can take their time to eat their food - they don't have to fight off dozens of other hounds! They should be fat and content before long.


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