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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Someone Somewhere Needs This...

Well, I was just sitting here looking out this big ole picture window at the rain and the rain and the puddles everywhere and I was thinking that someone, somewhere needs this rain. I think we have enough here at the moment in beautiful, wet Wales. Someone somewhere is praying for rain. We're praying for dry! And a little cold weather wouldn't hurt either, it's practically shirt-sleeve weather here in Wales, providing you don't mind being sodden - or that you have a rubber shirt!

Still, there are advantages of the wet weather. I'm sure there must be. I'm trying hard to think of some . Everything is very green on this January 9. There. The colors are rich and saturated - good for photographs. Too bad anyone in their right mind would leave their camera home on days like these.

Paxo and Pastime (my hound puppies) are growing like crazy and we've been having some nice walks. When we walk the lanes they have to be on leads since they don't seem to recognize what dangers cars or tractors pose when there's only one narrow lane to begin with. I grab them by the collar and hoist them into the ditch as the vehicles pass by. But mostly there aren't that many vehicles.

These are the days for reflection and doing all those indoor projects I've been putting off. At the moment I'm sorting through tens of thousands of hound exercising and bluegrass festival photographs trying to determine what I can remove from my maxed-out laptop computer. This takes time.

This time of year it seems right to have plenty of snow around and I suppose my American friends and family are enjoying (?) that right now. Enjoy it for me, too! If I ever spend another winter back in the States I am going to return to my old love, cross-country skiing. Some of my happiest memories are of cruising through the upstate New York woodlands on a pair of skiis. It's cold but you're burning enough calories that you don't notice...then you go inside and have have some mulled cider or hot chocolate - the real kind made of cocoa and whole milk, sit by a crackling fire and you know the rest. Ah, now that's satisfaction.

When there are slow moments out following the local hunts I stop off and photograph churches and interesting I guess I'll upload some of those photos for you here from time to time so you can enjoy some of what I like.


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