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Friday, December 08, 2006


My eyes hurt this morning what is that bright thing in the clear blue sky? Against all predictions, the sun is shining brightly - and has been all morning. I'd heard that today was supposed to be rough and wet (like the last two or three weeks!) but luckily the forecast was wrong, at least so far. The sun and a "light" breeze are doing what they can toward making the valley just a little less soggy.

Though I might (read: should) have been editing photos or making Christmas gifts I chose the route toward immediate gratification and just took the hounds (Pastime and Paxo) for a two hour walk around the farm. What a perfect morning it is. They say you appreciate the sunshine more when you've had a bunch of rain. Well, I for one am appreciating every bit of sunshine coming this way. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more of the same as the Daily Rag or whatever it's called is predicting something akin to the end of the world in the coming months...100 mph winds and blizzards and the worst winter in 50 years and stuff like that. Gee, I hope they're just exaggerating to sell some papers (you don't think newspapers do that? What I learned in journalism class is that one shouldn't believe everything one reads in the newspaper. But you knew that anyway, right?)

Though farmers are glued to the telly whenever the news is on, particularly the weather forecast, they all know that they're just going to have to get out there and deal with whatever weather they get anyway and the forecast is often wrong. I guess if I were a forecaster I'd predict at least a 75% chance of rain on almost any given day; that would be pretty safe.

After spending some 25 years in office situations where even folks who work inside all the time in cushy air-conditioned offices like to gripe about the weather every chance they get (though mostly the only weather they see is that which occurs between getting out of their cars and walking into the office or home) it's sort of refreshing to be around folks who actually do have a reason for serious concern about weather.

Anyway, the sun is lovely. I'm already plotting an afternoon walk with Paxo and Pastime and I'm thankful to be here in Wales, land of the rainbows. Haven't seen one in two days so I reckon tomorrow should provide a few...


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