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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

Over in America today folks are gathering together in houses small and large to celebrate that old Pilgrim harvest tradition, Thanksgiving. And here in Wales today I'm giving thanks for all the blessings I've received in this good life of mine. Among the most important things I'm thankful for are friends and family who throw out that lifeline whenever things seem overwhelming (fortunately the lifeline hasn't been worn to a frazzle...yet). Thanks, friends! I love you all.

In a more traditional sense I'm thankful today for food (the bounty of the earth one might say in a hymnalistic fashion)...Lord knows I've eaten way more than my share...and enjoyed most of it (though my own cooking at times leaves much to be desired ). Speaking of food, I enjoyed a wonderful steak last night up at the Harp Inn situated on a beautiful hill overlooking the valley. The new landlords are young and energetic and have brought that beautiful old pub back to life. If you're ever hungry for a good meal, be sure to stop in at the Harp - they won't disappoint!

Imagine enjoying homemade french fries, a huge rump steak au jus, and fresh local vegetables sauteed just right in a (I'm guessing) 500 year old pub with great flagstone floors, mellow green walls, fresh hops hanging overhead, old foxhunting prints (you know I love those!), horse brasses on leather harnesses, and a massive old fireplace crackling with big firey logs.....I'm sitting there on plush pillows on an old Welsh settle gazing every now and then at that lovely warm fire, taking another delicious bite of that steak, maybe a fry or two and a bit of parsnip and carrots.....talking to my good pal Steve. Oh yes, much to be thankful for!

That after a good day following a local hunt as they exercise their hounds on foot across some rain-treacherous sheer hills. Every now and then the sun would peep through the rainclouds and cast a beautiful glow on the rich countryside below.

Yes, today is indeed a day to be thankful for friends, family, food, and the rich "simple" life of a very rural Welsh community.


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