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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sun, Huffers...and whatever else enters my mind

Sun! I wish. We're having a wet time here in Wales these last weeks. The weather continues to be mostly mild, but a little sunshine would go a long way these days. Like today. I want to follow my favorite hunt as they go about their hound exercise in a place where they're likely to jump a bunch of fences. Inevitably someone will join the Huffers Club (falling off club where you pay 10 quid per spill and then have a party at the end of the year for all the "members" to drink up the profits) and they always cast an accusatory glance at me coupled with a stiff lower lip stuck out about 6 inches if I don't manage to capture the moment when the horse and rider part company with my big Nikon. Oh well, I always seem to miss those times. Seems to me like it's too paparazzified to capitalize on someone's potentially injurious landing, but no! These guys are up for a laugh and it must be that irreverent British sense of humor....they roar at stuff like that.

One guy with this hunt who surely must be Chairman of the Board of the Huffers Club (he came off three times in one day last year, never mind it was the day after a particularly brutal New Year's Eve) just climbs back on and has another go. I have to admire his stamina! They all want me to capture his magical moments on film.

As you may have noticed, I've fallen off blogging a good bit lately. I'm trying to make myself complete an article for a music magazine and can't seem to wrap my mind around the subject, though it's dear enough to my heart. Trouble is music is the "other" life I have while across the pond in America. Here I'm all about following the hunt and enjoying the countryside, visiting the lovely old churches and stopping to chat with friendly neighbors...and an occasional pint at local pubs. It's a good life.

Now I've got to go exercise Paxo and Pastime, my dear little foxhound pups. Pastime's working out well, but Paxo seems to be thought-resistant so I don't know if I'll ever get anywhere with him. Photos to follow -- when it dries up enough to get my camera out once again! Fingers crossed that it's dry enough for some jumping later on today!


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