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Monday, April 30, 2007

Celebrating Spring, Rambling and Rosettes

Okay so I've fallen behind on this blog thingie but I've been out in the field stocking up on countryside photos. Seems I can never have enough! These days I resent intrusions on my "sacred time" - that's the couple of hours just before sunset, though sadly in recent weeks I've had far too many intrusions...that's how it is when you're trying to pack up and leave after six months here and planning to be away at least six months if not forever. Lots of things to think of and ends to tie up. Ah well, despite having to give up a lot of photographic "prime time" to commitments and things I have found time here and there to pursue one of my life's passions (looking at the world through several layers of high quality glass!)

So here are just a few things I've been enjoying looking at this spring...this day we were walking up on some of my favorite ground just a few miles from where I stay. If you've been around cattle much you know that just one animal with a bad attitude can be very dangerous indeed (a man around here was recently killed by a bull) but thankfully these cattle were more interested in lazing and grazing than attacking a bunch of old age pensioners so we passed by without incident.

Here is a place called the "Black Yatt" by locals; it was once the home of Mr. and Mrs. somebody-or-other whom the leader of our walk knew back in the 1940s when he was a lad!!! I loved the situation of this former homestead though surely it would be a bit too "lonesome" for many.

It's amazing how the scene changes as one pivots in a circle out in this wild countryside. But these days the scene usually includes a whole lot of sheep and lambs. They were here in all these areas but I actually decided to have at least a few springtime photos that didn't include the woolly creatures!
On another day we had a nice walk through the woods and surrounding fields of Croft Castle. The thing that impressed me the most were many of the old oaks. This one was for me starkly beautiful framed against a rich blue sky with some lovely puffy clouds. I'd have stopped a long time with those trees but the ramblers like to get back in time for their lunch so I just snapped a couple.

One of the great things about walking in the U.K. is that you see SOOOO many extraordinary sights that you'll never see from a car. This particular group don't often do very strenuous hikes and often folks way up in their 80s are among the group of 20 or so that walk regularly. There's always plenty of time for nice conversation, bird watching, or, if you prefer, reflection.

I just couldn't pass by these lovely weathered oaks at Croft Castle without a making a photograph. I hope to return!
I Couldn't pass by this glowing field of oilseed rape under the rich blue cloudy sky without a few photos. These lichen-covered stones on top just had to be in there, too. A few days later the owner of the field said, "I saw you out there photographing my oilseed rape the other day but didn't have time to stop," funny...I thought I was in some stranger's field as I was about 20 miles from where I stay and over here that's a long, long way.
Below: Just some of Dave and Angie's rosettes. These hang from the walls and ceiling of their entry room in the converted stone barn where they live. What a sight to see! They raise champion Welsh cobs.

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