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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Llanbadarn y Garreg

The little church at Llanbadarn y Garreg in Radnorshire.

I was out following one of the local hunts as they exercised their hounds up on the hill you can see in the background. It was treacherous up there with all the rain and deep, deep rain-filled ruts in which it was very easy to get stuck. After having to be rescued from a cliff-edge once that day I decided to get myself down on the "main" road (still only one lane wide) that runs through Llanbadarn y Garreg.

I stopped inside this sweet little church. This view is actually of the back corner, but the photo has a little more interest, I think, because it shows the situation in which the church exists. It was rather a gray and dreary day with the old tombstones standing in silent testimony to the lives of the people of that parish - and to the power of moss and lichen to live in these wet conditions and cling to whatever stands still for more than a minute.


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