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Thursday, November 15, 2007


This morning was a beauty. Woke early to see the world outside all clothed in white; not snow, but a heavy frost. It didn't linger too long, but I did manage to grit my teeth and step outside with my Nikon and catch a few shots before the bright sun washed away the lacy frost.

It was so lovely and crunchy outside that I couldn't resist a stroll down the fields and then the lanes with my camera. I was kind of lazy so only took along my 17-55mm; I don't like that lens as well as the 70-200, but it's a lot lighter!

On the way back to the bungalow to cook some lunch, I had a cowfrontation with a redhead...heifer that is. I was going up a nice lane on the farm between a couple of tall hedges and I could hear about 20 cattle on the other side of the hedge charging along in step with me...they are curious creatures. When I got to a gate, I went over to have a look, and this is what I found! She actually licked my hand though it took a couple of minutes' patience to win her trust. Like most redheads she was bolder than the rest of the herd!


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