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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Another day with the was a bit of a dull day, really, but I couldn't resist sharing this shot of a magnificent hound. Hope if I ever come back as a hound I look as fit as this one. Love the way their ears flop up when they run, and of course the tongue hangs out...what superb creatures these fox hounds are. They are always out exercising...I should learn from them.
Seriously, after seeing this hound I was inspired to get some exercise myself so I drove on up the road, parked near the entrance to a lovely public footpath (they are EVERYWHERE here in Wales) and made my way up the track. In fact as I parked I saw two riders fumbling with the broken gate just ahead so I went and acted neighborly and opened it for them, then shut it behind me so none of the sheep and cattle would escape down the lane.

I seemed to be in the wrong place most of the morning, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I got to chat with a whole bunch of (mostly) retired folks who were also in the wrong place and we had a big time. And I got to visit with a couple of lovely young ladies who seemed to enjoy having their pictures made whilst sitting on a nice old gate (won't share those pics because they say there are strange people out there and I didn't ask permission to put these photos on the internet, though they are sweet)...

Later I decided to head down the hills into a nearby town and visited my dear friend who has an antiquarian book bindery there...we ducked into the pub next door and sat in a couple of great old armchairs in the window looking out over the old town and enjoying a two hour natter over hot chocolate and coffee. Yum! Life is good.
In case you're wondering, I didn't take the photo of the sheep today; it's from a couple of years back; no snow on the ground yet! The sheep are marked so that if they get out (or if they're kept on a "common" mixed in with other farmers' sheep) they can be returned to their rightful owners. Local farmers know each others' marks. There are other things the various colors on their backs may indicate, but I can't tell you that since some of you may be underage!


At 2:55 am, Anonymous Gayle said...

Your sister wants a copy of that hound! ... and also the sheep.

There are now 8 great MaryE photos hanging on the walls in the Catskills house. They look great!


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