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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Big Apple, Small World

So here I am in that heaving, hot city often referred to as the Big Apple, yet I've had just one in a string of "small world" experiences. It happens a certain friend at a record label asked me while in NYC to walk up West End Avenue and snap a picture of a building he once knew. So off I trod with my big Nikon and wide angle lens in my own little world. I didn't bother to look at anyone since my sister is about the only person I know in the entire city and I know she's at work. All of a sudden I hear someone shouting my name and there's my buddy Pete who happens to be walking his little girl over to a friend's apartment building for a party of something.

We stop and chat a minute about how we'll all meet up in about 10 days way down in Bristol Virginia at Sam and Susan's for a barbeque and picking prior to the festival we always attend up at Ralph Stanley's old home place near Coeburn, Virginia. The phone rings and our buddy Nicky is calling and Pete says, "Guess who I just ran into on West End?"

Now the funny thing is that just about a year ago Doyle Lawson and his fine band were in Manhattan playing at Joe's and then at some yacht race in the financial district. So I went over there and again was not paying any attention at all to the folks around me....till I heard my name called and there was Pete, the same Pete. I suppose I could start wondering about him but really it was just one of those small world moments.

So yesterday I had a really nice flight (I hate to fly) from Heathrow to NYC. There were only 79 passengers on the 777. I was one of the few who didn't opt to take an entire row of seats and lie down. But I sure wish I'd brought back that guitar I wanted to bring back...there was plenty of room in the cabin after all.

Tonight it's off to the Catskills for a few days before heading off on my summer's work. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to go riding a couple of times with my sister and maybe we'll see some deer and wild turkey around her house. I love that place (refer to last summer's blog entries).

My last days in Wales were wildly eventful as the loose ends were tied (and I hope I didn't neglect too many) and I had a round of tearful goodbyes with so many friends. It feels like my life is over there, yet I'm obliged by citizenship to live here. Oh well, I'll make the best. It sure is good to see friends and family over here once again.

In a few days' time I'll try to post more photos. I know Leon is going to be disappointed that I didn't manage to sneak Mavis and Betty (those adorable Basset pups) away from Beryl and Phil, but hey! they do love them so. Meanwhile Pip the Cat (all 30 pounds of him) continues to expand and I really do wonder how he gets around at all. I will post some frightening photos of him the next chance I get. Meanwhile I shall develop for him a more rigorous exercise program, perhaps incorporating some tai chi. Right.

It was a great six months in Wales and I hope to return there the next chance I get. Meanwhile, I'll make the best of being here. It's summer in NYC but it'll be early spring just 3 hours away in the Catskills, I reckon.

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