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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blowin' in the Wind...Rivers Risin'

Over here in the U.K. the wind is up and the rain is down. Flood warnings dominate the news but here on the farm things are just well...wet and windy! The roofs on the old barns are slate tiles and they've been blowing off at an alarming rate; I have this picture in my mind of my two hounds out in their pen dodging slates as they fly off the roof. Poor hounds. The worst of the damage is occurring directly over their pen with the slates rocketing down to the cobbles below, inside their pen. I hope they stay out of harm's way.

The weather is getting to folks around here, even the locals who are used to a lot of rain. Depression is a big problem in the farming community (read about farming these days and you'll understand why). You get to work 365 days a year and most likely you'll come out poorer at the end of those 365 days than you did at the beginning. You know the scoop - look at American farming history and you can write the script for what's happening here in the U.K. Sad.

On a happier note, I had a nice time out on some local hills yesterday guessed it...the horses and hounds. While it's easy enough for most of us followers to stay in our vehicles when it gets wet and windy, those hounds, normally white with a bit of brown or black, look more like black and tans.


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