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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks Again

Just a quick post (after the last tome)...over in America it is Thanksgiving day and I'll admit to thinking of those great apple pies grandma used to make (talk about cliches!) and all the family gathered around that long oak table and the snap of the air outside...but there was plenty to be thankful for here in Wales today too. My friends Leon and Judy arrived by train safely and we had a bit of a hair-raising time on the biggest roundabout in Hereford (I've managed to avoid that particular roundabout for the past five years) on our way down nearly to Abergavenny. From there we had a lovely drive up over the mountain, stopping off at the wonky but beautiful little country church at Cwmyoy, then on up narrow lanes to Llanthony Priory, more miles of rustic beauty through the Gospel Pass (and memories of climbing that thing on a hot day), across Hay Bluff and down into Hay-on-Wye where we enjoyed a hot chocolate at the Black Lion or some such pub (good stuff!). Then on over to Clyro and up the bank toward Newchurch. Not far from Bryngwyn my clutch went out! Not good. But somehow luck was with us (talk about being thankful, I am) and I managed to get us all the way home in 2nd gear. What I didn't understand was that when I actually stopped the truck I wasn't going to be going anywhere again. Duh! I stopped in the middle of the lane which is a little awkward. Hopefully tomorrow someone can sort this out.

But I AM thankful for the clutch not busting up on Hay Bluff or when I was in some far more remote places last week. And I'm thankful for great friends and for nice perry and for an excellent rump steak at the Harp in my favorite table in front of the big hearth in a lovely green room with big flagstone floors and old welsh settles with my friends....all the good conversation, local news and so forth that gets passed around the room. There's just nothing quite like hanging out at the local pub and passing a few easy hours away.

I'm thankful too for all the good folks with whom I've crossed paths and for all the great memories I've managed to retain of some jolly good and meaningful times enjoyed in this life.

This is getting a little sicko I guess so I'll just say Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Think some good thoughts today, say something good to someone else (and mean it) and do something sweet for yourself. You are worth it.


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