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Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Country Church, A Lamb and the Bull's Head

The sweet little church at Craswall.

The first time I visited this church, I made the mistake of leaving the door open for a moment. Little did I know that a local farmer rents the churchyard to graze his sheep and he had his pairs of twin lambs, all carefully numbered, grazing in the churchyard with their respective ewes.

I was quietly looking around the inside of the church when I turned to see a newborn lamb approaching the modest altar in this simple country church. I scurried up to show the lamb the way to the door which I then closed. But I was thinking about the Lamb of God and all the things I'd learned as a child in the Methodist church and I couldn't help but smile.

That fine spring day the altar was brightened by daffodils that my friend Christine had placed there earlier in the morning. All was quiet and I found a few moments to be still and wonder and to give thanks for the simple things.

Years later, I often find myself passing Craswall church and I always smile to remember the first time I opened the creaky door and stepped inside to appreciate the solitude of this tidy little church.

Just up the road is a wonderful old pub, the Bull's Head at Craswall, where my friends and I stopped last March during the final meet of the season. The narrow road that passes by the Bull's Head was clogged with merrymaking equestrians and we all made the most of the fine weather.
A quick pint at the Bull's Head, worth a visit!

Just across from the Bull's Head this inviting bench awaits you. Be sure to call by here and ponder the slow pace of life in the Herefordshire hills. You may experience Rush Hour (when the local farmer passes by with his steady border collies and a flock of a hundred sheep. The sheep fill the narrow road and spill over the sides and all tractors, Land Rovers or whatever traffic may be on the road come to a screeching halt to allow them to pass by).


At 9:25 pm, Blogger Kingsdowner said...

Hi, I found the Bull's Head this weekend and your blog came up when i googled it.
I agree with your sentiments about it (shame we're so far away!)
I didn't see the old church there - looks incredible.


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