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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Art of.....Falling!

Don't worry; she probably wished I wasn't there with a camera to preserve this moment, but I guess she liked these photos since she bought a copy of them!

This story has a happy ending. The young lady was having a very good time jumping these huge bales and after this unfortunate moment she got back on (despite an injured ego) and rode on up the ridge to Yew Tree Bank above Gladestry. She was just fine. But oh, that must have hurt!
I used to avoid taking photos of folks who I could sense were about to part company with their horses, but soon learned that most of these crazy horsey people actually LIKE photos of themselves "hitting the floor" (as they say here in Radnorshire). Strange to me but maybe it's part of that British "stiff upper lip." Anyway, here's to falling off...and being able to get back on.


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