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Monday, November 26, 2007

Rosettes for Secret

Golden Valley "Rustic" and "Cromwell"

Up early this morning, I headed out for the Welsh Winter Fair held near Llandrindod Wells in Llanelwydd. After forking over a 10 pound note (that's about $22 folks) just to get in I got myself over to the Welsh hound show, the only reason I went to the Winter Fair. I must say the hounds did not disappoint. They moved the show this year into a kind of big shed which unfortunately we shared with the farriers. Nothing against them, but all the clanging and banging sort of distracted our gorgeous hounds.

About 15 Welsh packs were represented at the competition and the Teme Valley proudly left with the Supreme Champion cup and rosette for T.V. Secret. My pal Tasha, now about 9 months pregnant, got to lead the parade of hound champions. Due to misinformation I missed the parade which is always a Winter Fair highlight for me. The Teme Valley brought home a slew of red ribbons (in this country red is for FIRST prize, blue is second). And the Golden Valley also had a very good showing winning several classes as well as champion English foxhound. All in all it was a lovely day for hounds.

GV English Champion "Pansy"

Teme Valley Supreme Welsh Champion "Secret"

Lots of folks stopped by to cheer on their favorite hounds. Judges were John Holliday of the Ledbury and Mr. Evans. The Golden Valley's Chris Davies, MFH, did a superb job emceeing the event. Billy Thomas forgot her lipstick but still won several firsts for the Teme Valley. It's good to know the judges can't be swayed by Billy's feminine wiles!

Toward the end of the hound show I had a chance to catch up with my old buddy, hunt photographer Jim Meads. Jim stays busy traveling between the States and packs around the U.K. and is about to publish yet another fine collection of his hunting photographs so watch for it in 2008.

I wandered around the rest of the Winter Fair, through several halls full of goods for sale, but the hounds were the main event for me today. It's always nice to stop in at the Gray's exhibit to check out their latest Border Fine Arts pieces. That place was full of animal, tractor, and farming collectables. The sun was setting over Aberedw Hill in a splendid palette of blues and pinks as I headed back through Hundred House on that winding road for home.

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