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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Importance of Being Inconspicuous

Kids nowadays. I know folks have been saying that kind of thing for a long time. L&K, the girls who live across the farm, came over one Sunday morning. For the past 3 years, our "tradition" was to take our hound pups walking on Sunday mornings. But this year I can't have hound puppies to walk (they're supposed to work on the stable where they stay) so we've had to look for other ways to pass our Sunday morning time.

We decided to draw and fool around on my laptop. "L" is especially adept at working a computer. So while "K" used her time to make wonderful sketches of animals and such in her black artist's notebook, L started finding interesting pictures of red foxes for me on Google Images. Ever been there? I never noticed it myself but it is pretty cool. So here's one of the things she found for me (this was sent to me years ago by someone and I'd lost it; it's kind of like having an old friend come back for a visit.) You have to admit that whoever did this was clever. Now I've got plenty of photos of foxhounds so maybe I can make some of these myself some day. Kudos to whoever created this (and my apologies for "borrowing" it). I'm sure glad I have friends like L&K to spend Sunday mornings with!


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